Webinar: CRR2 - Brexit and cross-jurisdictional challenges

12th January 2021: Suade Labs hosted SMBC and TD Securities to discuss their approaches to, and considerations around the regulation. They also shared their views on the impact of the delay within the UK, large exposures and the UK-EU Cooperation and Trade Agreement.


  • Gilles Malandain, Head of Regulatory Change, EMEA - SMBC
  • Karen Mulligan, Head of Regulatory Reporting - TD Securities
  • Enzo Casasola, Head of RegTech - Suade Labs
  • Moderated by: David Hulmes, Global Success - Suade Labs

Highlights of the discussion:

The delay of CRR2 in the UK, focusing on the impacts of the delay in the UK, and what this delay means for regulatory reporting.

How to deal with the two-speed approach of the delay and how solutions like Suade minimise disruption and allow firms to efficiently report across multiple jurisdictions.

The delay in the UK may prove to be beneficial; firms can use this opportunity to look at lessons learnt from the implementation of the regulation in the EU prior to implementing in the UK.

Embracing the acceleration of digital transformation - one of the positives from 2020 was the rapid adoption of digital technologies. Financial Institutions must adopt emerging innovations such as Suade to maintain or gain a competitive advantage.

Resources and teams may need to adjust and establish separate teams to work on multiple jurisdictions.

The only consistency is inconsistency, and the very essence of complying with regulatory change is to anticipate the change. One of the major benefits of innovative technology is the ability to quickly react and implement these changes at speed.

Large exposures under CRR2. We discussed the implications of large exposure rules and amendments to Article 403.

UK-EU Cooperation and Trade Agreement (CTA), focussing on the loss of passporting, equivalence and changes in treatment to certain exposures.

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