Data Science internship (summer 2019)

for recent/future grads or those looking for an entry level internship leading to a permanent role

What you will be working on

This internship will coincide with a high-profile project involving regulation, machine learning and NLP. It is a pioneering public-private effort involving work with several of our partners and also ties with the FCA’s recent call for machine readable regulation.

What you will learn

The most important thing for any internship is being able to work in an environment where you can learn from more experienced people in the company while also being able to have a meaningful impact. With this project, you will be:

  • part of small team composed of developers and regulatory experts
  • developing and building training data
  • developing, testing and deploying different ML algorithms to find best fit
  • designing/building a front end for users to use/apply the results

What we hope you will know (a little bit about)

While we would hope that you have some experience with the following, it is not a hard requirement

  • Linux command line
  • Git
  • Python
  • Related ML libraries (numpy, sklearn, keras, tensorflow etc.)
  • Related NLP libraries (nltk, spacy, etc.)
  • Javascript

What you will earn

1,500 GBP/month (May - Aug 2019)