We sat down with Fran Hampton, CFO at Cynergy Bank and David Lawton, former Director of Markets at the FCA to discuss the PRA's recent Dear CEO letter: Thematic findings on the reliability of regulatory reporting.

During the discussion, our CEO, Diana Paredes and the panellists explored the letter in more detail.

Tune in to hear from the experts about the issues raised, the challenges of overcoming them and their experiences around:
•       Automating regulatory reporting to streamline processes
•       How to bring consistency to interpretations
•       Addressing data quality issues and improving data and IT governance
•       Improving ownership and accountability through data lineage
•       Using reliable technology to automate and improve the accuracy of regulatory reporting

•       Francesca Hampton, CFO, Cynergy Bank
•       David Lawton, NED, DTCC Deriv/SERV LLC and former Director of Markets, FCA
•       Diana Paredes, CEO, Suade

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