The Capital Requirements Regulation 2 (CRR 2) represents an important milestone in the implementation of Basel III across the EU and is likely to have a significant impact on financial institutions.

There are many developments to come out of CRR 2, including the leverage ratio and the net stable funding ratio, which many institutions are already in full compliance, However, three of the more significant, challenging regulatory developments are the SA-CCR, the large exposure standards, and the new market risk standards.

During this webinar with PwC, we explore the challenges of CRR2 to uncover the problematic areas and solutions to the development and implementation of these new regulations.

Martin Neisen, Partner Risk and Regulation and Global Basel IV leader
Guy Gschwendtner, Regulatory Specialist, Suade Labs
Neil Mackenzie, Regulatory Specialist, Suade Labs

Moderated by: Jack Sharpe, Business Development, Suade Labs

Watch the webinar on-demand, here 👇.

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