On-demand session

18 March 2021, 11:00 GMT

Listen on-demand as we to talk about the future of data standards, how they should be defined, how they should be delivered and how decision-making should be handled.

The discussion will explore the importance of data standards within financial institutions and the benefits of open-source data projects, with views from data and regulation experts.

In this discussion you will learn more about:

  • The benefits of data standards, why are they important?
  • Definitions = the cornerstone of a data standard
  • Designing implementation models for success
  • Open-source, changing the game for the development of standards
  • How can firms prepare for a more standardised future?


  • Antonio Olleros, previously Principal Economist-Statistician at ECB currently CEO and CO-Founder at Meaningful Data
  • Alexander McGill, Regulation and Innovation Specialist at PA Consulting
  • Neil Mackenzie, RegTech Engineer at Suade Labs
  • Moderated by: Murat Abur, CTO at Suade Labs