E2E Test Maestro

For people that can replace an army of testers with a few lines of code.

What you will be writing tests for:

Our product is an enterprise application that is feature rich and data-intensive. As such, it continuously presents unique challenges for developers. As we deliver weekly updates on our systems, in order to ensure new feature behaviour and avoid any regressions on the existing ones, the application is controlled and validated via automated tests. Frontend and Backend developers are writing unit and integration tests by themselves and we are looking for someone to own the end-to-end tests environment and test each feature in the system by writing and maintaining functional tests.

We are looking for tests developers with coding and test-writing experience. At least a few years of work experience working with E2E tests solutions on web products. We would expect you to know the basics on how to use Linux and a git driven workflow (branching, merging etc.).

Specifically, the tests rely on the following technologies so relevant experience with them would be beneficial:

  • JEST and Cypress
  • Image comparison tools
  • HTML5 / CSS / JS-ES6
  • VueJS / JQuery
  • GitLab pipelines