Front-End Picasso

for people that that can paint pictures with their code.

We are looking for a master of front-end development who is comfortable in a variety of web frameworks. You are probably the kind of person that thinks javascript is an awesome language. Having mastered HTML, CSS and Javascript, you will have professional or personal experience with many of the popular web frameworks and libraries. You will be striving towards the kind of person:

  • that dreams in D3 but also knows its weaknesses.
  • that understands what happens in the background when building with npm, grunt and bower.
  • who is familiar with modular SOA architecture and using APIs.
  • that understands the wireframing and design process using tools like Balsamiq and Photoshop.
  • likes optimizing and writing automated tests for websites and JS.

As a front-end artist, you wil be creating dashboards, reporting tools and analytics. You will leverage your creativity to create visualizations of complex datasets. You will admit to having “a keen eye” for graphical design and have formalized your own theories about form vs. function from all the UX/UI blogs you read.

We are very interested to meet designers that can code or web developers with artistic talent.


Send us an email with your CV, and a few lines about why you would like to work at Suade to work at suade dot org to get the conversation started.