Front-End Picasso

for people that can paint pictures with their code.

What you will be building

Our product is an enterprise application that is feature rich and data-intensive. As such, it continuously presents unique challenges for frontend developers both from a technical and design/UX standpoint. Technical problems will range from complex computations on the fly (eg. re-ordering pivot tables) to pure performance understanding of load times, data-binding and when to make which API calls and how to use local storage correctly. Design challenges arise mainly from dealing with the sheer volume of data (millions of records) and the number of features and functionality that can be displayed intuitively without overwhelming or confusing users.

What you will be building with

We are looking for front-end developers with at least a few years of work experience working as part of a larger team. We would expect you to understand how to use Linux, docker and a git driven workflow (branching, merging etc.). Specifically, we rely on the following front-end technologies so relevant experience with them would be ++:

  • Strong ES6 JS knowledge
  • Vue.js and VUEX
  • JEST and Cypress for testing
  • D3.js for charting
  • Webpack