Linux Orchestrator

For people who would rather spend time trying to automate a process rather than do it again manually.

We are looking for a master orchestrator for our service-oriented system, someone who likes to play in the murky backwaters of linux, vim-ing and bash-ing their way around problems. You will definitely know too many Regex jokes and memories of awk things sed. Ideally, you are on track to be:

  • Able to conduct an orchestra of linux micro-services as if it was Beethoven's 5th. Experience using Docker and related tools to build, manage, update and monitor robust services in containers on clouds
  • A polyglot programmer who is happy to work in multiple languages to get the job done best. We like Python
  • Able to automate and improve Agile, TDD and CI processes to deploy to cloud providers. We use Gitlab and Jenkins
  • Able to tune and configure a SOA infrastructure of open source tools to optimize for performance, reliability and stability
  • Knowledge of TCP, HTTP, iptables, ssh tunnels, nginx configuration, nagios, cacti, XML
  • Appreciation of the phrase "rsyncing without strace"

This may sound like DevOps, SysAdmin or just startup engineer. The reality is that this is all of those things, and as a ground-breaking FinTech company we are solving problems that haven't been solved before. So we don't expect you to have all the answers, but we do expect you to be the kind of person that can find them.