RegTech Engineer

For someone who wants to define a role rather than fill one.

When we founded Suade in 2014, we saw the need for a pure technology company to help the industry cope with regulation. People say that we have pioneered the field of 'RegTech' which certainly didn't exist when we started and is [now a thing][/learn/regtech-is-a-thing.html]. Really, what we have done is created the concept of a RegTech Engineer (maybe it too will have it's own Wikipedia page in a couple years).

We believe RegTech engineers are a rare breed, half developer and half regulatory expert. They are as comfortable writing code as discussing the intricacies of consultation papers.

We are very keen to meet anyone along that spectrum, from a developer with a cursory understanding of finance all the way to a regulatory expert who has been creating their owns Macros to automate their work!

An ideal RegTech Engineer will be familiar with:

  • Business and operational processes inside financial institutions. Previous experience working with Basel III or Finrep is a plus
  • Basic accounting and financial concepts. Financial data modelling and querying (transactions, customers, products…) is a plus
  • Programming in Python
  • Git and SQL.

If you have hands on experience creating automations, and have a CFA certification or are an accountant who wants to start a career in a successful scale-up, send us an email