Sales Mando

For ambitious sales people who are looking for uncapped OTE opportunities and want to conquer the world!

From zero to [Davos][/learn/wef-technology-pioneers.html], Suade has cut its teeth by bridging the gap between technology and legislation. We have focused on building technology that can have a transformative effect both on enterprise budgets but also on the operational efficiency and accuracy of regulatory compliance. Good, transparent regulatory software is not just necessary, it is urgently needed.

As a salesperson, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Design strategic initiatives and competitive pricing for our customers
  • Lead campaigns into new territories or customer segments
  • Challenge the traditional enterprise software sales cycle
  • Impact organisations to save them time, money and stress

Aside from being a good fit to our culture, we are looking for someone who:

  • Is experienced with selling enterprise software and closing multi-pronged strategic deals
  • Has an entrepreneurial attitude and doesn't need to be assigned work
  • Is eager to get their hands dirty with all aspects of the sales effort
  • Ready to learn about technology that changes the world

We are very keen to meet people who are street smart and ready to join the force!