Web Designer

For people that love to design and implement pixel-perfect user experiences.

You will be striving towards being the kind of person:

  • who dreams in CSS!
  • who is used to conceiving mockups with Sketch, Balsamiq, Wireframes, and Photoshop.
  • that understands what happens in a browser when retrieving a web site.
  • who is familiar with SASS, OOCSS, Bootstrap and Foundation.
  • that has experience with data-visualization.
  • that is aware of responsive design challenges.
  • who already has professional experience within a web development team.

As a front-end artist, you will be creating dashboards, reporting tools and analytics. You will leverage your creativity to create visualizations of complex, multi-million point datasets. You will admit to having “a keen eye” for graphical design and will be a real source of proposals.

We are very interested to meet designers that can code, or web developers with artistic talent.


Send us an email with your CV, and a few lines about why you would like to work at Suade to work at suade dot org to get the conversation started.