301 Female Tech Trailblazers

CEO of Suade, Diana Paredes, was included in Business Cloud's article: 301 Female Tech Trailblazers.

Highlighting that female pioneers of tech are constantly growing, Business Cloud's article is the first of its kind to showcase 301 top UK female entrepreneurs as previous lists have been restricted to 101 names.

The list is made up of everybody from household names to inspirational women at the start of a journey in tech who have the potential to change the industry. Business Cloud have consulted with industry leaders before settling on the final list.

Female Founders of Tech: From Paredes to Yu

CEO, Diana, was included in Business Cloud's Female Founders of Tech article.

Proving that tech is no longer ‘male, pale and stale’, BusinessCloud was inundated with nominations for its Female Founders of Tech list.

Historically tech has been a male-dominated industry, which is why BusinessCloud launched a mission to find examples of women who have used tech in some way and turned it into a first-rate business.

Publication of the list builds on the incredible reception our 100 Female Role Models in Tech list enjoyed in 2016.

The list received over 3 million impressions on Twitter and won widespread praise but this year we decided to tweak the criteria to focus on women who have been involved in founding a tech company.

The judges wanted the 101 finalists – which they ended up pushing to 104 due to three businesses being co-founded by a female team – to be a celebration of the incredible women across the UK that are driving growth and innovation through tech.

Paredes, Diana, Suade

Diana Paredes is CEO and co-founder of Suade, a software platform that lets financial institutions understand and deliver their regulatory requirements. Before founding Suade, which became profitable a year after launch, she worked in investment
banking and believes that a data-driven approach to regulation is the key to preventing the next financial crisis.

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