Suade was featured in CreditDonkey's Best in FinTech article.

For a while, it was known as the "alternative" to brand-name banks, financial institutions, and ways of managing and investing finances. Now the FinTech industry is well known and continuing to gain traction with investors and businesses that are
won over by easier, more efficient ways to access their funds, invest their hard-earned money, and carry out their money decisions fast.



Suade is addressing the problem that banking regulations are complex, costly and complicated. While they value the importance of regulations - especially in light of the 2008 financial crash - they want to make it easier for banks to understand the
rules and comply. That's why they created modern technology to help banks and financial institutions understand and manage their compliance while saving time and money along the way. Suade was founded by Diana Paredes and Murat Abur to address the
growing difficulties with keeping up with regulations, making it easier, less complex and less costly to ensure that companies are complying with detailed rules.

Why Suade is Best in FinTech: Banks using Suade can interpret, manage and respond within regulatory frameworks. London, UK

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