Cynergy Bank

Suade’s regulatory solution is endorsed by the CFO of Cynergy Bank, Francesca Hampton

I recommend that every bank looking to transform regulatory reporting should be using Suade! Relative to competition, they clearly have the best technology out there, one that will ensure that we can report seamlessly to regulators. Suade provides a transparent, user friendly, accurate and efficient way of achieving this. It’s commitment to transparency is exemplified by their standard calculators and their open source data schema, FIRE. This approach allows me to be able to easily see and understand our returns whilst saving time and money. The Suade solution enables us to spend more time focusing on analysis and strategic decision making rather than just populating the returns. - Francesca Hampton, CFO.

Suade Labs had the pleasure of hosting Cynergy Bank CFO, Francesca Hampton at our co-hosted event with our partners, Avantage Reply. The evening consisted of a panel featuring Francesca and our CEO, Diana Paredes, in which they discussed all things RegTech.