Regulatory Technology

The Suade service

Suade was founded in 2014 to offer a software solution to automate regulatory data requirements for financial institutions and minimise the cost of change involved with each new iteration of financial regulations. Suade offers Regulation-as-a-Service (RaaS) in a software platform that allows financial institutions to process large volumes of granular data and output the required regulatory data, calculations, risks and reports with the necessary controls and governance.

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Implementing Suade’s Regulation-as-a-Service comes in 3 simple steps:

1. Free your data

Suade leverages the Financial Regulatory (FIRE) Data specification to define your data with a clear regulatory purpose. FIRE allows you to free your data from vendor addiction.

2. Deploy the Suade Platform

Suade’s platform can be deployed on any infrastructure to offer regulation in a box. Suade has designed from the ground up a complex wrapper of applications with all the different things you need to comply with regulation to meet your regulatory requirements. Scalable, modular and interoperable, the Suade Platform is the opposite of a legacy system.

3. Regulation-as-a-Service (RaaS)

Designed to empower the regulatory user and transform the organisation, the objective of the Suade Platform is to deliver the implementation of regulation as a software service. In this way, Regulation-as-a-Service allows firms to focus less on what they need to do for regulation and start employing tools to think about what regulation can do for them.

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