Regulatory Reporting Technology Leader Commits $20M to Boost Presence in US and Canada Amid Growing Regulatory Demands in Banking

NEW YORK, August 17, 2023 — As banks grapple with the imminent rollout of Basel 3.1 and the repercussions of recent banking failures, including Silicon Valley Bank's struggles, Suade, a leading figure in regulatory technology, is investing $20 million to reinforce its presence in the US and Canada.

Suade's solution addresses the burgeoning need for advanced reporting systems, as financial institutions wade through an ever-evolving regulatory terrain. This move is both a response to the increased demand for their groundbreaking solutions and a pledge to support North American banks.

Diana Paredes, Suade's CEO, remarked, "The upcoming Basel 3.1 framework underscores the urgency for banks to adopt agile and precise reporting systems. Our investment in US and Canadian growth is not just about expansion; it's a testament to our commitment to supporting the financial industry as it grapples with evolving regulatory requirements."

Bill Coen, ex-chair of the Basel committee and now an integral part of Suade's board and advisory team, concurs. "The magnitude of regulatory changes is pressing banks to seek more efficient reporting methods. Suade's expertise places it at the pinnacle of this transformation, ensuring financial institutions remain both compliant and competitive."

Banks are increasingly under the microscope, expected to adhere to stringent reporting standards without sacrificing operational efficiency. Suade's cutting-edge technology provides an answer, allowing institutions to streamline their reporting processes, stay compliant, and ultimately better serve their stakeholders.

This infusion of funds underscores Suade's intent to remain at the forefront of the regtech evolution, poised to tackle the flux in the financial sector.

About Suade:
Founded in 2014, Suade is a RegTech firm offering Regulation-as-a-Service to automate regulatory reporting and compliance for financial institutions. Its data-driven approach to regulation, as well as its use of innovative technology such as natural language processing and machine-learning, has distinguished Suade as a global leader in the industry. It has received numerous awards and titles, including being recognised as a Global Innovator by the World Economic Forum. Suade has the fastest system in the market. It services financial institutions all over the world and operates globally in offices across the UK, Europe, North America, and Asia.

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