Webinar: Digital Regulatory Reporting with the FCA and CBI

18th November 2021: Regulators receive large volumes of data from firms and evaluating the data is key to making effective decisions on developments in the financial services industry. Given the large volume of data, regulators are faced with an overarching question:

  1. How do we clean up the data?
  2. How do we clean up our own legacy systems?

We sat down with the FCA, the CBI and Jaywing to explore these questions in more detail. Fill out the following form to learn more:


  • The benefits of digitising regulatory reporting
  • Challenges with interpreting regulatory requests
  • Streamlining the end-to-end process of regulatory reporting
  • Improving the accuracy of regulatory submissions


  • Andrew Beale, Data Foundations Manager at the FCA
  • Chris Wilford, Head of Financial Services Policy at the CBI
  • Martin Smith Director of Data Strategy and Innovation at Jaywing

If you are currently working on improving your regulatory reporting processes or would like to learn more about how Suade is automating regulation for global financial institutions, then please get in touch to arrange a demo.

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