Webinar: Equipping you for IFPR

3rd June 2021: With the new prudential regime for investment firms, regulators are, for the first time, introducing a prudential regime specific to the activities of investment firms. Importantly, it consolidates much of the regulatory system by categorising investment firms based on their activities.

In this webinar, we speak with Deloitte and Baillie Gifford to explore the challenges that investment firms are facing due to IFPR, including the regulatory and operational complexities that result.

Key learning outcomes:

  • The key aspects of the ICARA process and the Overall Financial Adequacy Rule (OFAR)
  • The likely impact of OFAR on FCA regulated investment firms
  • How OFAR may affect risk assessment and management
  • Planning requirements: overview and challenges
  • Challenges of the forecasting and planning requirements
  • K-factor requirements, and the impact on investment firms

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