Suade Labs is featured in: "A Guide to Job Redesign in the Age of AI"

Following on from its contribution to the Model AI Governance Framework, Suade Labs has been featured as a case study in a follow up report, "A Guide to Job Redesign in the Age of AI". Within the report Suade shares its experience of how the ethical use of AI has created new roles within its organisation.

Suade contributed to the report by demonstrating how it has created jobs and managed organisation restructure as a result of using AI:

Suade Labs appoints a Project Governance Lead when developing and deploying ML and AI tools. Due to the increase in development and deployment of ML and AI in its organisation, Suade Labs recognised the need for an individual responsible for project governance tasks. The tasks of this role include determining the appropriate level of human involvement in AI-augmented decision-making and overseeing data management to ensure accountability and traceability.

The guide discusses the impact of AI on tasks and suggests ways to optimise benefits and facilitate the adoption of new technologies in the workplace. It recognises that whilst AI can boost efficiency and drive economic growth, the adoption of new technologies could have an impact to the workforce. Complementing the Model AI Governance Framework, the Guide has been developed to educate organisations about the value of retaining human experience as they adopt AI and how to manage AI’s impact on employees through job redesign.

Diana Paredes, CEO and Co-Founder at Suade Labs commented: “We are thrilled to continue our contribution to the work of the IMDA and PDPC on the responsible deployment of artificial intelligence. We fully support their dedication to ethical job redesign and helping our workforce embrace new technologies"

"As Global Innovators for the World Economic Forum, this piece of work aligns with our commitment to Improving the State of the World.”

For more information, please visit the IMDA's website and download the report in full here.

The responsible use of technology is a topic we are very passionate about. We have also contributed to a project led by the World Economic Forum about organisational approaches to the responsible use of technology. Our contribution has been included in this report: Ethics by Design: An organizational approach to responsible use of technology | World Economic Forum (

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