Senior Adviser Statistics Data Collection and Processing Directorate

Massimo Casa

Massimo Casa

Massimo Casa is Senior Adviser in the Statistical Data Collection and Processing Directorate in Banca d'Italia, Italy's Central Bank, with a long experience in data management and statistical production. He is currently dealing with national and international initiatives aimed at harmonizing and standardizing statistical, prudential and resolution reporting. He has a deep knowledge on banks’ internal processes supporting their compliance with the relevant reporting obligations. With this regard, he is chairing the Steering Committee of the PUMA, that is a voluntary cooperation initiative of the banking and financial system, promoted and coordinated by Banca d’Italia. The objective of the initiative is the creation and maintenance of a reference documentation for the production of regulatory reports by intermediaries. He is also (co-) chairing the Steering Group of the BIRD (Banks' Integrated Reporting Dictionary), an European initiative very similar to PUMA, whose participants are a number of commercial banks, the European Central Bank (ECB) and National Central Banks.

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