Webinar - The future of Regulatory reporting post - SVB

The future of Regulatory reporting post-SVB focuses on strengthening the relationship between banks and regulators for effective risk management.

The session aimed to explore the evolving dynamics between banks and regulators in the context of risk management. Fiona Humphries, former Senior Managing Director at Silicon Valley Bank, shared valuable insights and expertise on the subject. such as the impact of recent crises, the need for improved collaboration, the role of technology, and the path to enhancing risk management practices.

Impact of Recent Crises:

Recent crises, including the collapses of SVB and Credit Suisse, highlighted the weaknesses in the existing relationship between banks and regulators. Regulators are under pressure to take action and ensure the stability of the financial system.

Improving Collaboration:

Banks and regulators, including the Federal Reserve, should focus on real-time data and better standardization to enhance collaboration. Improved interpretation tools and a comprehensive understanding of qualitative aspects of risk management are essential. Transparency and shared goals between banks and regulators are crucial for successful collaboration

Regulatory Reforms and Initiatives:

Regulatory reforms should focus on enhancing reporting requirements, establishing global data standards, and addressing risks associated with emerging technologies. Fostering a culture of accountability and encouraging banks to prioritize risk management alongside profit generation are crucial aspects of regulatory reforms.

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