When you can't make it to Davos....

bring Davos to the office screen instead!

Suade and the World Economic Forum
Suade is a proud member of the World Economic Forum, the Organisation for Public-Private Cooperation. Founded to solve challenges that financial institutions face due to the ever-growing set of regulatory reporting requirements, Suade was recognised as a ‘Technology Pioneer’ by the WEF in 2018 due to its potential to disrupt business and society.

We are honoured to contribute to the Forum's initiatives year-round, including the last in-person event in Davos 2020. Because we couldn't attend in person this year, we brought the team together to discuss key themes that are key to the global recovery. Read our highlights of Davos 2022 here.

During our team day we held thought provoking conversations, moderated by our in house experts on some of the key topics discussed at Davos - 'ESG', 'Technological Innovation' (in Finance & Regulation) and 'Recovery from the Pandemic'. Our brilliant teams also came up with some awe-inspiring poetry as part of our 'Poetry Slam' session!

Do you want to join our adventures? We are looking for ambitious and driven individuals to join our fast-growing team! View our open roles here.

Don't forget to check out our fave poem of the day below...

So we got put into groups and we're gonna take turns
I chose to write about the man Robert Burns
Bard of Ayrshire, ploughman poet
The man was great and didn't he know it
Robert, but a lot of people called him Rabbie
This man had 9 kids calling him Daddy
How did he even find time for music
If I had to write with all that screaming I'd lose it
If number 10 came along I bet he'd outright refuse it!
Popping his clogs at the age of 37 was a sad one
But now he's in heaven
Cooking up poems on a mad one

As we burn through the fossils of coal and shale gas
Take a look at our nature, realize there’s not much left
Cause we’ve been drilling and pumping, exploiting for so long
Even children know it’ll all be gone

Quarantine wont last forever,
Even though it feels like it might,
Maybe its changed for the better,
At the end of the tunnel might be a light.
Working from home,
For far way too long,
Although nothing is clear,
Something something... beer.

A life after covid seemed such a distant dream,
but now things may be changing
or is that just how it seems
we've had quarantines and lockdowns,
tests and vaccinations,
from pandemic to endemic and now the suade ski trip vacation!

Covid 2019 hit me and my team
But we're a strong bunch
Working together on a hunch
That we can build a better future
A future closer than it seems
Lurking in the background coming onto the scene
Great beasts rising from warming oceans
Artificial intelligence rising from secret potions
And who gets a piece?
Is there a piece of the pie for you and I?
How about for the underclass
Down, grovelling, toiling, forgotten, unvaccinated
Equity and equality unless given will be taken.
Mother Earth if not given help will take it.
Society and equity post pandemic:
We'll remake it green and good,
Gleefully, carefully, caringly
We'll remake a fairer future
Economic and social governence
Choose your companies, like you choose your governments
One share, one person, one dollar, one vote
One word:

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